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Company seminars: transform the “traditional annual meeting” into a launching pad

Company seminars: transform the “traditional annual meeting” into a launching pad


More and more companies are having doubts about the efficiency of company seminars, where the stimulus effect wears off after just a few days and the “action plans” fade out as the daily rhythm of work resumes in the company.

Our understanding of the issue

Our client, a public financial institution, had introduced changes to its structure following the implementation of a new international organisation. This major change generated brakes and misunderstandings both internally and externally.

Explanation of the process

STRATEGIC put into place a strategy to accompany the structure towards the implementation of an action plan, shared and backed by the employees. The first task was to share the results and an instant picture through an audit of the stakeholders.

This step formed the basis of a strategic seminar bringing together all the staff, with the aim of attaining a shared vision and an organisational scheme able to uphold the business strategy.

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