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Crisis communication: "Dry run" training to become better on a daily basis !

Crisis communication: "Dry run" training to become better on a daily basis !


Oil and petrol companies, like other high risk companies, are expected to follow very strict safety measures. And yet, despite taking all possible precautions, history teaches us that we should be ready to deal with worst case scenarios.

Our understanding of the issue

The idea for our client is to subject the team to real time conditions: nobody has advance notice, the crisis is set off and we see if the procedures work, if the men and women react well, if the tools are adequate !

Explanation of the process

STRATEGIC was chosen as consulting agency by the regional headquarters to accompany the local structure during the exercise. We were taken into confidence and worked on the implementation of communication measures during the exercise.

Realistic ! This is what guided our actions during the preparations and accompaniment.
Woken in the middle of the night, twists and surprises, failing partners, a journalist armed with a camera at the gates of the enterprise, a surprise telephone interview in English; they were spared nothing !

STRATEGIC played its role as a consultant for external communication, but also for internal communication within the crisis unit; image control, anticipation of risks and reputation damage. The good lesson was the quality of the team and how certain members literally proved themselves.

A crisis is revelatory of skills: we excel because we have no choice, it has to be done.

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