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Implementing a company social network

Implementing a company social network to liberate communication within the enterprise against a background of the Covid-19 crisis


In companies with employees spread out over several sites it is often difficult to ensure proper circulation of information, but also to guarantee a feed-back from information exchanges in the field.

Our understanding of the issue

For our client in the mining sector, the Covid-19 crisis has exacerbated the necessity of preserving links with employees, in particular those without access to computer tools, and of communicating rapidly and easily with all the staff, whatever their post.

Explanation of the process

In this context, STRATEGIC initiated and accompanied the switch towards a new communication tool, the company social network, Workplace, from Facebook. This tool corresponds perfectly with the consumer habits of information for employees and allows for an interactivity and instantaneousness which is often missing from traditional communication tools. The network was able to be put into place in a very short time (7 days) and during a period of crisis, with almost from the outset an adoption rate of 60% by the employees. STRATEGIC managed the coordination and implementation of the tool, conceived the editorial strategy, the commitment strategy and the launching of the network, but also the subsequent editorial monitoring for the “institutional” sections of the content.

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