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“Speaking time, sharing time”: Liberate our expression

“Speaking time, sharing time”: Liberate our expression


Liberate our expression ! These were the terms used by the Mayor of Mont-Dore to launch a series of meetings on the theme of the Matignon Agreements and 30 years of peace in New Caledonia.

Our understanding of the issue

With a very spread out commune, multi-cultures and a very sensitive subject, the wish of the Mayor of Mont-Dore could not be fulfilled without leaving the trodden path.

Explanation of the process

To open discussions without inciting controversy, STRATEGIC used the method of traditional Oceanic palaver consultation. We used just facts and quotations from respected persons of historical figures (Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Michel Rocard).

Proximity. « Speaking time, sharing time » was personified by district meetings where opinions were freely expressed. The length and duration were adapted to the customary habits of each district.

Humility. Elected representatives from all sides took part in the exchanges like any other ordinary citizen with facilitating of the meetings entrusted to STRATEGIC.

Values. Respect, listening, sharing and caring kindness; hours of peaceful and constructive discussion took place around these values.

Choices. Too many questions and not enough time, not the same centres of interest, each meeting was unique since the subjects were chosen by a vote of the participants from 10 subjects and 10 questions on the future.

The process

  • Saturday March 10, 2018 –All the municipal team of Mont-Dore inaugurated the format.
  • From April 7 to June 9, 2018 – Local meetings, all different, with certain members of the commune coming along to several meetings to prolong the discussions.
  • Tuesday June 26, 2018 – Anniversary of the Matignon Agreements, on the very same day 30 years ago, and Mont-Dore celebrated its communities. More than 200 high school and college students came together under the town hall canopy. A moment of very intense emotion and sharing.
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