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Zoé Braun
Junior consultant

Becoming yourself in a public speaking session

01 December 2022
Becoming yourself in a public speaking session

"Be yourself,  everyone else is already taken" said Oscar Wilde. Good news: you already have all the qualities of a talented speaker. In order to optimize your impact,  try to focus on the understanding of your context and key messages. All your attention should be focused on the preparation of your speech, and we'll give you a few tips!

In order for each individual to explore his or her own potential as a speaker, Strategic has developed a specialized training program to prepare for public speaking, in front of the media, or in front of an audience at a conference. We share with you some of the secrets of the groundwork we are developing, fueled by contributions from  people who have already completed this training course.    

Everyone communicates.

In all sectors and professions, you are required to speak in public. Being in the spotlight, in front of an audience, a board of directors or a committee, in the media or outside the media... Each format has its own complexities. Depending on your level of practice, and the evolution of your context, there is always room for improvement.

"This training course is essential for anyone who has to speak in public or in the media. It is  real verbal gymnastics that are practiced  and become natural. I would add that in the context of management, this training provides a new communication tool for teams," comments a health sector executive.

Understanding your issues. 

Before you speak, it is essential to clarify your objective. Expressing a message gives an answer to a problem. Once you have a clear understanding of the purpose of your speech, you will naturally stay focused on this goal, even if the person you are speaking to brings up issues you had not thought of. To feel comfortable, it’s essential to practice.

"I think I can synthesize our issues better now because of the training and experience," says a healthcare executive.

"The training is based on a real-life situation, which allows us to identify the strong points and the pitfalls to be avoided. The different aspects are tackled without  complex and with  'frank talking '," shares the manager of a public administration.

Define your messages.

Your perception of events or the details of a situation can sometimes lead you away from the fundamental messages to be delivered. For your audience to understand the core  of your speech, only a handful of key messages should be shared. Summarizing the most important elements reinforces the effectiveness of your speech.

"The exercise of preparing the key messages was a real added value of this training," says a healthcare executive.

Know your audience.

A group of experts, an association, a trade union... Who are you talking to?  What are the interests of your audience? Knowing your audience, their issues, and their aspirations helps you prepare your speech. An effective message is addressed to a specific target and responds to its expectations, fears or questions.

The right balance between form and content. 

Once you have clarified the content of your intervention, you can think about the way you will deliver it. Convincing someone also means having confidence in your message, asserting your posture and adapting your non-verbal language. When the form supports  the content, it reinforces the effectiveness of your intervention.

"The content, the form, the tempo of the answers, the rephrasing, all are treated with indulgence , all  are ways  allowing  you to approach  interviews with less stress," explains the head of a public administration.

"I am quite comfortable speaking in public and it was  not in  this respect  that I expected to improve my skills, but  the training course helped me to "be more spontaneous"," shares an executive in the health sector.

The analysis of your challenges is at the heart of the training in public speaking,  leading you naturally  to succeed in your speeches in different  contexts. Strategic consultants support today's leaders, employees and entrepreneurs with communication training to address the challenges of our society.

To learn more, consult our training catalog or send us a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Strategic is a training organization approved by the New Caledonian Department of Continuing Professional Education - DFPC, under the number 988/0639/20R. Our consultants are certified as adult educators.

Zoé Braun
Junior consultant
Agence Stratégic

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